Should I Get An Abortion?

If you are pregnant and considering abortion visit one of our locations in Norman or Midwest City, OK before you decide. At the Eden Clinic you will receive confidential health services and information to help you work through your decisions.  Meet with one of our client advocates to talk about your abortion options. You may qualify for a FREE ultrasound. 

Be Sure You're Really Pregnant

Before you panic about being pregnant, you should first confirm that you’re actually pregnant. Even if you have pregnancy symptoms The Eden Clinic medical staff can confirm your pregnancy with a medically-accurate pregnancy test. Make an appointment to be sure! If your test is positive, you may qualify for a FREE ultrasound to determine the status of your pregnancy.

Before Abortion in Norman or Midwest City

If you’re considering abortion in Oklahoma, consider these questions first...

  • Am I really pregnant?
  • How far along am I?
  • Do I need to be treated for an STI?
  • What abortion procedures are available?
  • How much does an abortion cost?
  • What happens after an abortion?
  • Are there other options available to me?

The Eden Clinic medical staff and client advocates will take the time to answer these questions and other questions you may have about pregnancy and abortion.

Ultrasound Before Abortion

An ultrasound is an important step if you’re pregnant and considering abortion. An ultrasound will determine with accuracy how many weeks pregnant you are, so you can know the types of abortion procedures available to you. An ultrasound will also tell you if the pregnancy is in utero (in the uterus) or ectopic (outside the womb), which can be life-threatening. Contact the Eden Clinic to learn about our health services and how you may qualify for a FREE ultrasound.

STIs and Abortion

You may want to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) before having an abortion.  Many women with STIs are asymptomatic and do not know they may be infected. Women who undergo an abortion with an untreated STI are up to 25% more likely to develop PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) following the abortion procedure. PID can lead to serious consequences including infertility, ectopic pregnancy, abscess formation and chronic pelvic pain. Make an appointment at the Eden Clinic for STI testing before having an abortion.

No One Can Decide for You

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, everyone wants to give their opinion about what you should do. It's good to have support and guidance but it’s ultimately YOUR decision. No one can decide for you - you must make a decision you can live with. Make an appointment with the caring staff at Eden to help you walk through the decision making process. Your health and well-being is our first priority.

Abortion Health & Safety Checklist

Go through the points below and check any that apply to you:

  • I am 100% sure I am pregnant.
  • I have had an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy and ensure that it is progressing normally.
  • I have carefully researched all abortion procedures.
  • I have carefully researched all the potential physical complications that could arise due to an abortion.
  • I have carefully researched all the potential emotional complications that could arise due to an abortion.
  • The abortion clinic has shown me, in writing, that they will care for me if I experience any side effects or complications.
  • The abortion doctor has hospital privileges at a local hospital and I have been given documentation to prove this.
  • I have carefully researched the abortion clinic and I am sure that they have not had any lawsuits filed against them.
  • I have been tested for STDs.
  • I have carefully researched fetal development.
  • I have carefully researched the abortion clinic and I am 100% certain that no women have been hospitalized, injured, or suffered serious complications due to an abortion performed at this clinic.


If you cannot check all of the boxes, take some time and make sure you have done everything necessary to prepare for this procedure. 

The Eden Clinic does not refer or perform abortion procedures.

Learn more about abortion procedures.

Confidential Health Services

Your health and well-being is our first priority. We take the time to hear your concerns and provide professional health care you deserve. Make an appointment at one of our clinics in Midwest City or Norman, OK.