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If you are pregnant and don't want to be - let's talk. If you want to confirm a pregnancy - make an appointment to be sure. If you need a well woman check-up and information about birth control - call us for an appointment.  If you are concerned about contracting an STI - make an online appointment. Contact the Eden Clinic for help, information about pregnancy options, and answers to your questions. Your health and well-being is our first priority. Our purpose is to provide health services, factual information, and support for your best health and best decisions that's right for you. Contact us today. All services are confidential.

Already had an abortion?

A woman's "right to choose" is important - no one wants to take that right. It's also important women know the facts before making a pregnancy decision, so they can feel confident in it, and good about it. All the choices in an unplanned pregnancy are hard. Do you have an abortion, do you parent, or do you choose parents? Choose the one you can live with. Contact us to help you walk through this decision process. Check out this study for facts. Maybe you have had one abortion and considering another.  Call or text 567-307-0131 to talk about the struggles you are having with your abortion decision. 

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